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This is a fillable form that can be printed out after completion. Alternatively, it can be printed out first and filled in by hand. Note that email is our primary method of contact. Please return the completed form with your check to the address below. Checks should be made payable to MN COLA.

c/o Blaine Barkley, Treasurer
15613 65th St. N.W.
Annandale, MN 55302

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Lake and river associations; Lake Improvement Districts
COLA, LARA, large multi-lake associations, Watershed Districts
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Notes regarding membership: MN COLA is not a 501(c)(3) and your membership dues are not tax deductible. Membership dues must be received by June 1 to vote at the Annual Meeting of the Membership in June. All members are always welcome to attend MN COLA meetings, however voting at Membership Meetings is limited to Individual lake/river associations and related groups of lake/river associations and lake/river property owners.

Primary Contact

If you are an individual, please supply your information here. For organizations, please provide the following information about the person who has been selected to be your primary contact, receive the dues invoices, etc.

Secondary contact

County, Watershed, and Watershed District Information (Optional)

AIS, sewage from man and animals, spilled or improperly disposed petroleum products, etc. typically follow watersheds. By supplying information on your relevant county(s), watershed(s) and watershed district(s), MN COLA can more quickly alert you to issues specific to your area. Some organizations encompass more than one county, watershed, or watershed district. Also, not all watersheds are served by a district.

Thank you for joining MN COLA. For questions or help, please contact us at